The following are two testimonials from past course takers

"I wanted to share with you that I passed the CDRE! Your course was hugely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their confidence in writing the CDRE, particularly if they qualified overseas (as I did) and/or haven’t reviewed the material in some time. I went into the exam feeling confident that I had reviewed all testable areas, and your course really helped to pace my studying and keep me on track. Thanks again for providing such a valuable course."

"Thanks for providing this course! It helped me stay on track, studying the material and helped me feel prepared for the exam. I think the BEST way to study for this exam is by doing other multiple-choice questions. There were a lot of similar questions on the exam that were practice questions in the study material. The first time I completed the CDRE (and failed) I believe was due to my lack of multiple-choice practice. This course helped a lot — thanks!"

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