Sue Behari | Registered Canadian Dietitian, CDRE Course

The CDRE Prep Course

  • The current edition of this course focuses on providing practice questions.  
  • The study modules provides guidance, and suggested materials for review.
  • A mock examination is provided to help you simulate the real experience of taking the CDRE. 
  • All questions are linked to at least one performance indicators to be assessed with the CDRE as outlined in the 2020 version of the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice.
  • A rationale and or reference is provided for the correct response. These references can be used to meet knowledge and skills gaps.
  • Where appropriate, additional  recommendations are made for content review and links are provided.
  • Cases/scenarios and study questions create active learning to help you feel confident!

Since 2016, this course has helped hundreds of dietitians prepare for the CDRE. The content is updated for every sitting of the examination based on feedback from dietitians who wrote the examination. Updates are made before each sitting of the examination.

A guarantee that you will pass the examination is not possible as reasons for failure are multifactorial. The  practice questions, mock examination questions, rationale and references informs the user on specific aspects to focus on when reviewing resources. The content of the course is grounded in the competencies and performance indicators to be assessed by the CDRE.


A short pre recorded tutorial that provides an overview of the course. Seven modules that focuses each of the competency areas and includes a few practice multiple choice questions (similar to those on the examination and different from those in the official CDRE guide and the mock exam), answers, performance indicators assessed and rationale/reference for the correct answer all designed specifically to make your review more interactive. PLUS, you get to simulate the real examination.


  1. Communication and  Collaboration
  2. Professional Practice and Ethics 
  3. Population & Health Promotion
  4. Management and Leadership
  5. Food Provision
  6. Food and Nutrition Expertise
  7. Nutrition Care 


185 different questions introduced in the Mock Examination ensuring coverage of most testable Performance Indicators noted in the Blueprint for the examination.

              The course is available for purchase anytime.  All materials conveniently delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase.

$195.00 payable by e-transfer or through PayPal

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