Sue Behari | Registered Canadian Dietitian, CDRE Course

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching for Entry to Practice Assessments

Every provincial dietetic regulatory organization has unique entry to practice requirements before you are permitted to write and pass the CDRE. It can be difficult to navigate and prepare for the various assessments required.

I have, over the past five years, assisted many dietitians prepare for various assessments informally and have learned much about various provincial college requirements for such assessments.  

I do not have any current affiliation with any of the provincial dietetic regulatory organization, nor do I have access to the actual tools used for their assessments. I cannot provide you with answers sought to pass these assessments.  What I can offer is general guidance about gaps in knowledge and skills and resources to meet those gaps. This can be particular useful for dietitians educated fully or partially outside of Canada. If you wish to discuss your individual situation with me contact me at or text at 6476398991. I charge a fee of $100/hour for my time. 

I do not offer any help with preparing for multiple choice assessments such as the KCAT required by the College of Dietitians of Ontario. 

Many dietitians educated outside of Canada, have used the CDRE Prep Course for preparing for entry to practice assessments based on multiple choice questions. I do not promote the CDRE Prep Course for this purpose, but I have been told that it is helpful for this purpose. To pay for the CDRE Prep Course go to the pay for service page.

Preparing for a Practice Based Assessment

(Oral and or Written Cases)

If you are looking for individual coaching to prepare for a Practice Based Assessment that includes written and or oral cases, I offer three one-hour sessions focused on the areas of to be assessed. To discuss whether this option would be useful for you contact me at or text 6476398991. The cost is $400.00 for all sessions. To pay for this option go the pay for service page.

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